Free Antivirus Protection

Avira Free Antivirus – Best Free Virus Protection

Our recent free antivirus application test has shown Avira Antivirus as the best free antivirus software available. Virus protection is a matter of trust and reputation. Many new virus signatures are explorered every day making also the update process a daily automated ... Continue Reading →
3D shaddow effects by Blender animation software suite

Blender 3D Visual Effects Animation Suite

With the Blender Project, a free and open source 3D animation rendering software suite is available as freeware for everyone to download. The Blender software can create animations, graphical and visual effects, render 3D models as well as interacted 3D video games ... Continue Reading →
Freeware Office alternative OpenOffice

OpenOffice Free Productivity Software Suite

The open source productivity suite OpenOffice – once developed as a free version of StarOffice – provides free software alternatives to commercial products in the office sector. Main components are a word processor (Writer), an Excel alternative spreadsheet ... Continue Reading →
freeware text editor notepad++

Notepad++ Source Code Editor

The classic Notepad is nostalgically known since the first Windows 1.0 seen on November, 20 1985 and was built-in the operating system as an application to click and open. The text editor is so simple and has been used for all kind of text and word processing purpose. ... Continue Reading →
Free raster graphics editor Paint.Net for Windows and Paintbrush for Mac OS X

Paint.NET – Your new Paintbrush

The graphical picture editor Paint.NET, developed by Microsoft and the Washington State University using the Microsoft .NET Framework programming platform. The raster graphics app provides a simple editor alternative to Microsoft Paint. The software evolved and ... Continue Reading →
Pack and unpack files and archives with free open source 7-zip file manager

7-Zip File Manager

The Open Source software tool 7-Zip is a free file packing and unpacking application published under the GNU LGPL license. Specific code parts to unpack (unrar) file archives with *.rar extensions are restricted and published under a mixed licese. 7-Zip can be ... Continue Reading →