SQLite Viewer: A Free Database Browser For SQLite Files

SQLite is a worldwide used and standard database format used by both of the popular mobile platforms iOS and Android as storage medium. There are multiple desktop and mobile Web-browsers and instant messaging applications which use SQLite to store data. SQLite Viewer can be a sophisticated medium to view details of this database. It renders users who want to manage and view the entries made in the SQLite databases.

It can be an emerging solution for forensics analysts as it deals with the electronic storage medium SQLite used for latest applications like WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. Embedded with multiple insightful features this SQLite viewing application is excellent software displaying complete details of database. Software is free of cost and can be downloaded from website. Once downloaded, installation of application can be done easily. The section below will review this application with step-wise elaboration and benefits.

Free SQLite viewer provides an instant preview of SQLite files and explore all components as well as recover deleted files also for preview.

SQLLite viewer

A Quick Glance At Working Steps

  • After successful installation of software, launch it for further execution which will open Window like below. Main Menu comprises of various options; click on Open option to add SQLite database file.SQLLite viewer
  • Clicking on Open option will open small window navigating you to the system location from where you can add the SQLite file. Select the file and click Open to add SQLite database to software.SQLLite viewer
  • Software will automate the scanning procedure as soon as you add the file and will flash a message when the scanning is completed.SQLLite viewer
  • Click OK on the message box and you will be able to view database details like file name, number of tables, views, etc.SQLLite viewer
  • On the left panel you will be able to see the list of Tables, Views and triggers present in the SQLite database. This can be explored more to view each and every section.SQLLite viewer
  • To view a particular data type, for instance Tables. Click on the tables and complete data will appear in the right panel. Database items will be displayed thoroughly with each and every row and columns in the preview.SQLLite viewer
  • One can also use the search tab to search particular item by typing item in the search option available. Entries related to the keyword you type will be listed in the preview.SQLLite viewer
  • You can perform same steps for other data types like Views and Triggers. Once done Exit the application.


Prevailing Features of Users’ Interest

  • Support for Multiple Browsers: Software supports wide-range of browsers-generated data including; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera which primarily use SQLite database as storage file.
  • Analyze SmartPhone Database: SmartPhone OS which use SQLite as database storage medium including; Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Apple or Android. This application support databases belonging to all the Smartphones and other devices with similar OS.
  • View SQLite Cookies: Application supports cookies generated by all the web-browsers including Internet Explorer, Google, Firefox, etc.
  • Display All Elements: Software is integrated with feature to show all the elements comprised in the database including; Schemas, Tables, Views, triggers, Primary & Foreign Keys, Fields and records, etc.
  • Extended Compatibility: Software is compatible with all the versions of SQLite databases including; .db, .db3, .sqlite, and .fossil.
  • Forensics Significance: This software also has an added benefit of it being used as forensics tool as it deliberately shows data of corrupted SQLite database file which can be used as a key source of evidence.


Pros & Cons of SQLite DB browser

The Free SQLite DB Browser is an amazing approach which makes it possible to gather database data in an organized manner. It has several other features which make the product efficiently and foremost solution for the need of viewing SQLite database. Moreover, on some aspects we can say it also has room for some improvement. Let us see what are the Pros and Cons of this product;


  • The biggest benefit is that this SQLite viewer is free of cost. You take a look at the function of tool without any investment and hence there is no risk.
  • Integrated with multiple benefits, software is fast and well-organized and the interface lets you view data without any tricky programing or coding.
  • Its wide-ranging compatibility is another benefit users’ get. It is compatible with all the Windows system to run on, supports all SmartPhones OS, Browsers, SQLite database versions.


  • Software will not allow you to add multiple SQLite files at once. In order to analyze multiple SQLite files, you will have to add them one by one. There is also no option to add complete folder.
  • SQLite viewing tool does not support encrypted databases and thus if you are facing challenge towards analyzing encrypted database, this tool is not for you.


For personal or forensics point of view, this software fits well to view complete data of SQLite database. Overall performance with respect to speed, technology, interface, access, and organization is quite impressive. I will rate this SQLite Viewer application as 4.7/5!

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