Shape up Your Life with Best Fitness Android Apps

You probably have heard people saying that technology has made our life lazy. But many Android apps and mobile devices have proven this statement wrong.

Today, web developers have designed so many fitness apps, which gives us the easiest and innovative ways to improve our health and monitor our lifestyle. These apps are now replacing pencil-and-paper workout plan or a strict dieting schedule book, and emerging as a powerful workout companion to create a happier and healthier you.

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The latest versions of these apps can guide you to reach your fitness goals through interactive features, health tips, GPS technology, as well as inspire you to live a healthy life. With the right selection of apps you can perfectly create your own workout space. Not only they will boost your health and wellness, but give you burst of motivation and confidence.

So, turn off those never-ending runner games, download one of these apps, and start sweating.

1. Workout Trainer

The Workout Trainer app for Android and iOS is an ideal choice for those who want to get in shape without using heavy exercise devices. The app provides its users a complete fitness guide, integrated with interactive step-by-step audio/video instructions that are super easy to follow. With the help of this amazing android application development , one can customize his/her experiences and recommend systematic procedures of various exercises. You can also create and edit your own workout schedules and plans as per your convenience. You can also add its home screen widget to see a new workout plan everyday. In addition to this, its instructional photos and videos provide details and benefits of each move with encouragement.

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2. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

The Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro will take your fitness goals to a completely new level. The app is popular among its users due to so many good reasons. Whether you’re doing cycling, running, walking, or anything, the app keeps you motivated and makes your fitness hours easier. The app track your routes, records stats of your distance, time, calories burned for each activity , and more. The app also has an interactive audio coach who keeps you engaged during your fitness hours, and you can even join a challange set by your coach or friends to win prizes. Its route map feature will let you find out new venues or places to workout. There is also an option for manually entering your workouts into the app, allowing you to keep track of all your workouts.

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3. JEFIT’s app is designed to improve, motivate, and strengthen your workout sessions. With more than 1300 exercises available, the app has a complete fitness database presented in the form of animations, which provides you a detailed information and benefits about each exercise. The app also buy propecia forum provides its users a facility to create and synchronize his/her own workout plans to push you towards your fitness goals. The best feature of JEFIT app is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere, since its software syncs your data from the server into your account and apps.


4. Pocket Yoga

Now, you can carry your own yoga schedule in your pocket with the Pocket yoga app. The app is designed for those interested of practicing the ancient art of stretching and breathing at their own workout space. The app comes complete with detailed audio and video instructions for different positions, with provided write ups, which highlights the health benefits of each pose. Users also have the option of choosing between three levels, practices, and durations as per their convenience. So, roll out your mat and follow along! Great piece of work by Mobile application development company.

Pocket Yoga

5. Moves

The Moves fitness app for Android and iOS automatically records, track, and monitor your movements with the help of built-in sensors on your Smartphone. From daily walking to running, and cycling, Moves keeps you progressing in your workouts. The app is provided with the ability to keep a record of your time spent on important locations such as parks, cafeteria, along with a GPS map of your routes, and also calculates the total steps taken with the help of pedometer reading.


6. Runkeeper

The Runkeeper works with your phone’s GPS system to track and record your running, cycling, walking, hiking, and any other activity you do during your workout. The app keeps a record of your speed, time, distance covered, time of total exercise, calories burned, and other useful activities, while allowing you to take and tag pictures during your fitness hours. The app also helps users to check out the progress made by providing a complete workout history. It also provides synchronization with other apps and give detailed reports of all the activities performed.


Some of the apps mentioned here work as tracking tools, where you can log your workouts or calories burned, while some of them automate the tracking process for you during your workout. Some of them have features of coaching apps that march you through your dream of a healthier life, and some of them are a combination of all of them. But the most important thing is that, all these apps have only one motive that is, to guide and support you with every single step in your journey of transformation lead you towards a confident life.

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