Software Developer Studio with many free plugins and different programming languages

Eclipse Free Development Environment & IDE

When we talk about Eclipse then we can say that it is an integrated development environment based workspace that utilizes Java and extensible plug-in system. You can also use Java for developing applications in other languages such as C, C++, COBOL, PHP, Python, ... Continue Reading →
freeware open source graphical vector based editor

Inkscape Vector Based Graphic and Logo Designing Software

If you are looking for software that offers best vector based graphic designing then Inkscape is one of the best choices that is available right now. It is an open source and free software program that helps in creating different vector based graphics. Apart from ... Continue Reading →

5 VoIP Apps for Free Internet Communication

VoIP is probably the best thing that could have happened to user’s mobile devices and communication systems. It is one of the few technologies that have changed the way we make or receive calls. There are numerous VoIP apps that have been created to enhance our ... Continue Reading →
Audio Recorder with free software tools to edit audio recordings

Audacity – Free Audio Software, Editor and Recorder

Till you must have came across many different audio-recorder softwares on the internet but this is one of the best and is called as Audacity. The best part about this audio-recorder software is that it is an powerful, robust and open source audio recorder that ... Continue Reading →
safe open source and free screen recording software CamStudio Review

CamStudio Free Screen Recording Software

CamStudio is an open source and free video streaming software that can be easily downloaded from the internet. You can record any video that is playing on your computer and you can even save those audio files that are also playing on the screen of your computer. Here ... Continue Reading →
free software tools GIMP photo editor review guide

GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program

Till now it was Photoshop that always came to our mind when we talked about photo editing software but now there is one more excellent option that can be explored called as GIMP. Here are some important points and information that all you need to know about GIMP. Continue Reading →
cloudbased data backup and free software tool dropbox

Using the Cloud everywhere with Dropbox

There are many times when we want our important data, pictures and videos to be stored safely somewhere. At times the computer on which we have saved the data stops working or there are chances that the data might gets lost. For all these scenarios there is this ... Continue Reading →
slim and fast software client for most popular bit torrent networks

Most Popular Free Bit torrent Client – uTorrent

UTorrent is one of the most amazing softwares that allow you to share peer-to-peer files. The best part about uTorrent Bit torrent Client is that large amounts of data can be easily shared over the internet. A survey was done in 2009 and it came out that 43% ... Continue Reading →
benchark tools and free software for computer system measurement

System Hardware Monitoring Tools CPU-Z & GPU-Z

There are many times when you feel like monitoring the actual speed or real time updates of your computer or android device but you are not able to so. But in actual you can do the same with the help of a GPU-Z or CPU-Z. Let us try to find out everything in detail. The ... Continue Reading →
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