Video Editing Software

Top 5 Tools to Personalize Your Own Video

Now, people can create, share and view videos through the web or mobile devices. This is made possible by the technology that has brought video tools enabling for personalization of videos. Personalized videos are mostly used in online marketing where they are ... Continue Reading →
photoshop alternatives applications and graphical tools

7 Best Photoshop Alternatives

By Photoshop, most people think of Adobe Photoshop, and that is the standard that the Photoshopping software listed below is measured. There are plenty of photoshop alternatives for mobile phones and desktop computers, so a nice selection (mostly desktop computer ... Continue Reading →
web applications and tools for online web communication and business meetings

Top 11 Web Conferencing Tools

Workers in large companies are spread out all over the globe. What’s the best way of getting them to meet together?  We at Toshiba have looked at eleven of the best tools for Web Conferencing. Continue Reading →
personal data security review

Super Cool Ways to Hide Data in Computer

Whether you happen to be a geek or any normal guy everyone who uses computer or any other device has some or the other secret to hide away from different set of people. This could include things like personal videos, photos or any other content, which don’t want ... Continue Reading →
which apps are the best? Android or even Windows apps in 2014?

Windows apps vs Android apps: Which is the best?

The smartphone business has been often seen on a rise with every passing day. If you look at this world, you would be seen with certain leading players dominating the market of smart mobile devices including tabs and smartphones. However, the fact is any smartphone ... Continue Reading →
best software apps for tech inspired ideas review

5 Tech Inspired Cosplay Ideas for Software

We live in a world inundated with technology: Why not embrace it? With these spunky and hilarious tech-inspired cosplay and costume ideas, you’ll be having people pull out their phones and tablets for photo uploads all night long. Continue Reading →
linux distributions of its own with most popular linux operating systems today

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Benchmarks

The enterprise server operating system market is dominated by Linux. There are more than 25 millions desktop users of Linux too. However, being open source in nature it is freely available, and developers have latched upon this opportunity. They are in the process ... Continue Reading →
best software tools for data encryption on your hard disk and computer

TrueCrypt – Open Source Encryption App

Before we proceed further we must understand about the basic behind the software called as TrueCrypt. Well it is basically software that helps in disc encryption and is free for download and is open source software. TrueCrypt is the best Open Source software for ... Continue Reading →
modern Internet communication is done via VoIP protocol

Issues to Consider before signing up for a VoIP Service

There are many new phone system options available in the market today for you to consider for your business. One of those is VoIP service, an option that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Many people have “jumped on the bandwagon” of this type ... Continue Reading →
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