OpenOffice Free Productivity Software Suite

The open source productivity suite OpenOffice – once developed as a free version of StarOffice – provides free software alternatives to commercial products in the office sector. Main components are a word processor (Writer), an Excel alternative spreadsheet and calculation app (Calc), a Powerpoint alternative app (Impress), Draw (a drawing application similar to Corel Draw), a mathematical formula editor (Math) and Base as a management app for database operations.

OpenOffice Software suite with office alternives and freeware tools

The OpenDocument format (ODF) is used as file extension, which is an ISO standard buy generic propecia online canada originated with Other standard file formats especially for Microsoft Office with Word and Excel are supported and can be read by the free software suite. Available for Linux, Windows and Mac, it is available for free download for every operating system out there on the globe. It uses the Apache License for distribution. Download and share is higly appreciated.

apps of OpenOffice software suite

OpenOffice Download

For Windows: Apache OpenOffice Notepad++ source code editor open source download
For Mac OS X: Coming soon
For Linux: Coming soon
For Android: Coming soon
For iOS: Coming soon
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