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The classic Notepad is nostalgically known since the first Windows 1.0 seen on November, 20 1985 and was built-in the operating system as an application to click and open. The text editor is so simple and has been used for all kind of text and word processing purpose. With Notepad++ the text editor evolves into a free source code editor providing plugin support, multi language features, syntax highlighting for several programming languages and extensibility for developers to customize features and code.

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Distributed under the GPL License Notepad++ can be downloaded for free running on Microsoft order propecia uk Windows operating systems as a replacement of classic notepad app. The programming language is C++ and pure Win32 API and STL is used to make it slim and trimmed on execution performance to compress it to this tiny size of app. These guys even think of reducing the carbon footprint through their application by lowering the CPU frequency of running computer processor, which lead to reduced power consumption and environmental improvements on our nature and green/blue planet.

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Notepad Download

For Windows: Notepad++ Notepad++ source code editor open source download
For Mac OS X: TextWrangler
For Linux: Coming soon
For Android: Coming soon
For iOS: Coming soon
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