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Apple Watch Software Apps

Recently, Apple introduced its new products, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Of these three, the only one who had no previous version, and therefore it was brand new, was the clock. And the truth is you can like it or not, but what is indisputable ... Continue Reading →
FreeSpace Tab

The 15 Essential Applications for your Mac

When we landed in Mac from the “World Window” everything changes, everything is more beautiful, intuitive and easy. But Mac OS X is another operating system and as such, you need to get used to its simplicity. To help in this task, whether you are new ... Continue Reading →
Adobe Connect Video App

7 Affordable Video Conferencing Services Tools

Video calls is not an expensive affair anymore. Video calls and conferencing is now a popular trend and most of the major service providers offer you free and paid video conferencing solutions which is cheap, secured and better than traditional video conferencing. ... Continue Reading →
Video Editing Software

Top 5 Tools to Personalize Your Own Video

Now, people can create, share and view videos through the web or mobile devices. This is made possible by the technology that has brought video tools enabling for personalization of videos. Personalized videos are mostly used in online marketing where they are ... Continue Reading →
photoshop alternatives applications and graphical tools

7 Best Photoshop Alternatives

By Photoshop, most people think of Adobe Photoshop, and that is the standard that the Photoshopping software listed below is measured. There are plenty of photoshop alternatives for mobile phones and desktop computers, so a nice selection (mostly desktop computer ... Continue Reading →
best software tools for data encryption on your hard disk and computer

TrueCrypt – Open Source Encryption App

Before we proceed further we must understand about the basic behind the software called as TrueCrypt. Well it is basically software that helps in disc encryption and is free for download and is open source software. TrueCrypt is the best Open Source software for ... Continue Reading →
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