Facebook Will Soon Display the Full Contents of Certain Articles

Facebook, this important gateway to online media, experimenting with a new way to bring the news to its users. It is reported that this week the New York Times, which takes this information from a reliable source rather: himself. According to the daily, articles ... Continue Reading →
apple watch apps

Apple Watch Software Apps

Recently, Apple introduced its new products, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Of these three, the only one who had no previous version, and therefore it was brand new, was the clock. And the truth is you can like it or not, but what is indisputable ... Continue Reading →
Adobe Connect Video App

7 Affordable Video Conferencing Services Tools

Video calls is not an expensive affair anymore. Video calls and conferencing is now a popular trend and most of the major service providers offer you free and paid video conferencing solutions which is cheap, secured and better than traditional video conferencing. ... Continue Reading →
ios reader apps ibooks

E-book Readers for iOS: Your Portable Digital Library

Bookworms are not exempted from making the most from the advances of mobile technology. They no longer need to stuff so many books into their backpack and carry the heavy load along wherever they go. The school or public library does not always have to be a destination ... Continue Reading →
photoshop alternatives applications and graphical tools

7 Best Photoshop Alternatives

By Photoshop, most people think of Adobe Photoshop, and that is the standard that the Photoshopping software listed below is measured. There are plenty of photoshop alternatives for mobile phones and desktop computers, so a nice selection (mostly desktop computer ... Continue Reading →

5 VoIP Apps for Free Internet Communication

VoIP is probably the best thing that could have happened to user’s mobile devices and communication systems. It is one of the few technologies that have changed the way we make or receive calls. There are numerous VoIP apps that have been created to enhance our ... Continue Reading →
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