Super Cool Ways to Hide Data in Computer

Whether you happen to be a geek or any normal guy everyone who uses computer or any other device has some or the other secret to hide away from different set of people. This could include things like personal videos, photos or any other content, which don’t want others to see them. There are several other ways of hiding such content or data, this could include using a software called Folder lock or any other encryption tool. However, such tools are more useful for commercial places and in case if you are normal guy then using such complex tools are worthy deals to crack. For such people, you need to explore some of super cool methods to hide data in computer, let’s check them out:

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Locking up your folder

The best way to hide your classified data in your laptop or desktop is by locking up your folder, which carries these details. You could put all your classified details in this folder, which you would like to hide from others and lock it with a good password. This is more useful when you have several other people accessing your personal computer.

Using cloud to hide data

Another super cool method of hiding your data comes by using cloud technology as this will allow your data to remain away from your personal computer or laptop. And the best part of hiding your secret using cloud is that you could access your data from anywhere. Some of the popular cloud storage platforms include Google Drive, DropBox and Microsoft Sky Drive. You can further explore these cloud mediums to check the exact ways of hiding your data.

By using steganography

The method of steganography is basically an art of securing data in a plain format, which never allows or gives any signal to people about anything hidden here. This method is an ideal option for people who want to carry their files or folders and do not want others to see. You could easily hide your number of files inside any picture and then mail it across to your friends or co-workers anywhere in the world. Only the recipient getting this mail carrying these files will be able to decrypt it.

Making your files hidden

One of the best and coolest ways to hide your secret data or information is making all your classified files in a hidden format. All you need to do is to select the particular propecia apteka online file, check the properties wherein you get to see hidden option under the general tab. Once you make these changes, make sure you apply them by clicking over the OK window. After this, your classified files would be hidden to other people accessing your computer.

Using command prompt to hide your secret files

Another cool and simple method to hide your secret data is through the command prompt option. All you need to do is to open the command prompt and type the attrib filename extension – +r +s +h. once you do this, your secret files will be hidden from others who try to peep inside your classified data. And when you want to reverse the things back, you simply have to type the filename extension –r-s-h and unhide all your secret files.

Hiding your data from other user accounts

This could work perfectly when you use several user accounts and you simply do not want your siblings to peep inside your personal or secret stuff. In order to do this, you simply need to choose the folder carrying your files to hide and simply navigate over the properties to reach out to the security tab. Then click over the edit button to choose the user(s) whom you are keen to change their permissions by simply clicking over deny full control.

By changing the extension type

This is among the best option and coolest choice to hide your secret data. You could see a number of users all across the world using this option to protect your classified content like personal videos and photos inside any removable media. If you have any photo all you need to do is to change its extension by .jpeg to anything like third person or .dll by doing so, no one would be able to open it. If you come across any error in the file, you could be carried out by clicking it.

Final word

If you are wondering as to how to hide your classified data or secret files, you are simply away few simple ways or methods as discussed above. These are simple and cool ways to secure your personal data. Try any of these to hide your personal data.

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