Facebook Will Soon Display the Full Contents of Certain Articles

Facebook, this important gateway to online media, experimenting with a new way to bring the news to its users.

It is reported that this week the New York Times, which takes this information from a reliable source rather: himself. According to the daily, articles – and those of BuzzFeed and National Geographic – will be among the first content to be published in full on Facebook. It will be possible to view, comment, share and like the article without ever having to leave the social network.


Regular readers of Tune will remember the words of Mark Zuckerberg about an early similar concept. We can therefore conclude that Facebook is about to move from words to action.

It will soon be possible to view, comment, share and enjoy some articles on Facebook without ever having to leave the social network.

Also, according to the New York Times, this new initiative could also include sharing advertising revenue program.

“The company recognizes that the initiative, led by Chris Cox [product manager] automatically eliminate commercials normally displayed by content publishers” said the daily. “Although revenue sharing ideas are still under construction, one of them would allow publishers to display a single ad in a custom size within each article Facebook, according to a person involved in the record.”

Reduce loading time

Of course, the main motivation for Facebook is to enhance the retention rate of its visitors. Another factor, however, is put to the fore: the reduction of the waiting time before accessing the content.

Indeed, the waiting period before a Facebook user achieving consult an article shared on the social network is on average eight seconds. In the eyes of Facebook is forever, propecia online malaysia especially when one counts the Internet from mobile devices – strong growth in recent years – for which every millisecond is important.

According to Edward Kim, general manager of the firm SimpleReach, even a marginal reduction in the content load times published on Facebook will result in a sharp increase in the satisfaction of social network members, and hence its goodwill.

Facebook too much media power?

By reading about the main affected by this initiative, has (unsurprisingly) that they are nervous about giving in to Facebook more power.

When Facebook changed its video portal to ensure that they are read automatically activates, John Hermann blogger did not hesitate to criticize the interest of the social network for this type of content. “The switch from Facebook to the video means that the social network prefers accommodate media content rather than just spread, it considers that the links to external sites are a problem to solve.”

Moreover, several media have reported a significant drop in traffic from Facebook in recent months, which may be due to the importance of video content for the company – a much more lucrative environment for advertising sales.

It goes without saying that Facebook has stopped seeing as a simple social network for a long time. It remains to measure the impact that the new initiative when it is deployed, especially from smaller media, who seem less attractive to Facebook. A testing would be provided in the coming months.

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