Attributes of a reliable Cloud Service Provider

Cloud service providers need to shoulder a lot of responsibilities that range from data security to quality of service. Hence, it is imperative that they display certain attributes to make it even more convincing for the customers around the world. Let us look at some of the attributes of a reliable cloud service provider:

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  1. Reliability, redundancy and security – This is the first and the foremost attribute of a reliable cloud service provider. There are not many cloud service providers who can guarantee the use of the critical resources for providing customer care solutions. It is imperative that multiple data centers along with clearly defined procedures to handle failures are in place so as to manage things when one location experiences critical issues. The importance of security too has to be kept in mind while moving customer information to the cloud. The onus of protecting the customer data lies with the contact centre, which has to be taken care of.
  2. “Hooks” into existing infrastructure – It is vital that the cloud based application and solutions are integrated in a proper manner with the back-end. WFO, CRM and various other ERP modules need to be clubbed in a proper manner with the cloud based application. The primary goal behind the integration is that the resources should be able to internetwork and interoperate through the firewall in an efficient manner.
  3. Flexible deployment models – There are a variety of deployment models offered by cloud based service providers. The most popular deployment model is the hybrid model which allows the enterprises to possess some information and data in the firewalls as well as on premise while facilitating need-based data exchange.
  4. Professional services and support – This is capability of the service provider to allocate human resources that consists of designers, consultants, technicians and programmers to support the business objectives of its clients. The service provider should be able to resolve issues and answer client queries immediately.
  5. Support of multiple channels, devices, modalities – It is very important that the company engages support for a variety of channels, devices and modalities. There are analytics available for predicting calls as well as the kind of treatment that a call entails. The right software must be installed for unified communication. It is very important to be prepared for every type of eventuality.
  6. Global reach and span – A huge chunk of customers of cloud telephony are travelers who are globetrotting round the year. It is imperative that this customer base is tapped on to very firmly so that they form a group of loyal customers.
  7. Scalability – When your clients are happy, you can expect they will give you more business. When this happens, the service provider must be able to scale his operations and service the client properly.
  8. Partnerships and Vertical knowledge – Since there are rapid changes in the cloud computing arena so no single vendor can expect to tap on to a huge customer base – there is a growing need for strategic partnerships with businesses and technologies that provide the solutions the client are looking for.
  9. Reusable, proven applications and app development tool – Service providersshould be able to bring in reusable and proven applications for their customers at regular intervals. Cloud holds immense potential as far as application development is concerned and there are numerous tools for the same.

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Michelle Patterson has been working with telecom companies for over 20 years, and is excited with the new IP/VoIP/Cloud Telephony and other systems flooding the market. She is trying to cram as much as she can on these technologies and is delighted to share that knowledge.

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  1. Crest Wood

    Nov 06. 2015

    Yeah, flexible deployment model is the great functionality of a reliable cloud service providers. I certainly release this function that I can access the data from firewalls as well.

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