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Recently, Apple introduced its new products, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch. Of these three, the only one who had no previous version, and therefore it was brand new, was the clock. And the truth is you can like it or not, but what is indisputable is that they have worked hard enough to get integrated software to work properly on such a small device.

apple watch apps

True, Apple is not the first company that makes a smart watch and therefore is not the first company to have to settle for introducing a truly functional operating system on a device with a small screen. Wear Android, Google’s operating system for smart watches has also had to be made specifically for them. And without having to get to the point of indicating which one is better, because there will be reviews for all tastes, we will analyze the software for the new device from Apple.

The first thing that attracts attention is that iOS is not tiny. According to Jonathan Ive what they have done is “catch and squeeze iPhone UI and then attach it to the wrist.”

Main Interface Front end

The user interface is striking for unusual. Many small applications, thanks to the side that has the Apple crown Watch can be made larger or smaller. The screen is small to zoom and therefore is a fantastic solution to get around the main interface. Then, thanks to the touch screen you can move through it, giving the impression besides being quite fluid.

Main Interface Front end apple watch


Apple has never been very fond of widgets, and although not named, yes, that introduces them to his watch. They are necessary elements of a smart watch that operate independently and can be combined as you like.

apple watch Siri


In a device in which you cannot write an indispensable element is currently a personal assistant that works for voice. And for now, until the contrary is proved, buy cheap propecia nz Siri is perfect. I will come included in the watch and if you press the crown for a while, appear.

apps for apple watch


Apple taught us some in his presentation, but who will have to make the cut in this direction will be the developers. Apple shall make the Watch Kit to exploit all the features of the watch. And as has always been on all Apple devices, applications may be the differentiator with other watches, especially at first. Of course, apps for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter seems to work quite well.

One feature of the smart watch operates as a proxy phone in conditions where it is impractical to us out. For example, to read a message, or to be alerted of an event the clock is always at hand. In this sense, when we receive a notification and lift your arm to see this will automatically open. Once seen can answer with voice messaging, emoticons, and even our heartbeat. Apple has opened a new world to interpersonal communication neglecting the written characters and focusing on the drawings, which can be completely personal. Watch Apple also analyzes the received messages and messages automatically show you can do well in response, although so far only seems to be in English.

In summary, it appears that Apple has created software that is perfectly suited to a small device that precisely because of its size has many limitations. We’ll see if we can developers take full advantage of this Apple Watch.

Of course, if anyone is interested will have to wait for 2015 and spend a minimum of $349 in addition to an iPhone 5 or greater.

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